2020 – What a year


How did we get here? What will we do, when will it end how do I act? Just some of the things that were running through my head when the news first broke regarding Covid.

I remember it well, we’d literally just finished a photoshoot with our clients at the newly refurbished Prana when our then freelance photographer turned to me and said “that’s the football been cancelled”. Little did I know that this would be the least of my worries, nor did I fully understand what was to come in those coming weeks.

Staff Young Street

As more information broke it became clear that the world as we knew it was about to change in a way we’d never seen before. A month prior to the emergence of Covid, I’d been posting on our channels about how excited I was for what 2020 had in store for my little brand (if only I knew). The first lockdown emerged, uncertainty set in and all of a sudden any and, like everyone else, all plans I had for the future were thrown into the bin. At this stage it was only normal for me to begin to worry about the future, would this be the end of MB? would our clients put a stop to their marketing? But most importantly, what could I do to help them as well as helping myself? I guess I didn’t have the answers but all I knew is that I had to act, and act fast!

I set my stall out, phoned client after client, listened to their concerns, raised mine and collectively tried to decide upon the best way forward. I’ve always been determined, I’ve never given up on my ideas and I’ve always followed my gut (which was at this time telling me not to change). Luckily for me our clients followed my lead. We got our heads together on how to navigate through the challenges and ensure that MB, as their partners supported them as best we could.

Essential works were the priority for our trade clients, zoom calls became the new way to sell a home, hospitality restaurants were turning to online orders and collections, and socials became the new way to communicate any and all messages! All of a sudden the demand for digital became bigger and we found ourselves in a situation we could only have dreamed of. Our service was in demand, during a pandemic, insane! More people were getting in touch and more and more partnerships were being formed.

Just 4 months later the wheels were fully in motion for growth. I’d set out a plan for staffing, in the thinking that if we grew we’d have the finance to support it, if the services kept coming we’d need the structure to deliver it. Between June and August 2020 we hired four members of full-time staff, with one of the key decisions being to bring all our design in-house. Thus, THE END OF FREELANCE at MB!

The demands kept coming, the messages from the government kept changing and well by this point we’d outgrown our little home. At the start of October, we took the decision to pack up our base at Young Street and move 300 yards around the corner to set up in our beautiful new home of Charlotte Square. In all honesty, a dream that probably wouldn’t have been as quick a reality had it not been for the Pandemic and the demands on Digitial needs.

As I sit here in January of 2021, we now employ 7 full-time members of staff, we’ve given and launched an internship programme aimed at developing young individuals within the workplace. Our first appointment being Greg our now intern designer. We’ve brought in all our photography in-house with zero freelance and are about to advertise for another content writer to ease the pressures on our content team.

I guess some would say I got lucky, but I had belief and tried not to give up. I built a team who shared my vision and now we sit ready to support businesses big and small to change the way they spend their marketing budgets in 2021. All I can say is a massive thank you to everyone who believed in us, thank you to my team who have worked tirelessly to meet ever-changing demands, thank you to those who took a chance on MB and a huge welcome to our clients of the future, you’re in safe hands!

Charlotee Square Edinburgh