Creating Brands – The Chippy by Spencer

December 20, 2020

Creating a brand identity that brings traditional into the modern

Creating a Brand Identity that will assist traditional business concepts standout within a very modern society is sometimes about approaching who you know and this was certainly the case when it came to our relationship with The Chippy By Spencer. Our Head Designer Darren has been on the Edinburgh Design scene for many years and throughout his career has formed excellent working relationships with numerous businesses and business-people alike, one of whom is Spencer Wilson, former head chef at the Vittoria Group.

Spencer came to the MB Team with a simple request, “I want you to help me create a standout brand identity for my new business venture, The Chippy By Spencer.” Challenge accepted.

After the excitement of their opening launch being free Fish & Chips, the MB Media team set to work. The brief was simple: create an eye-catching, modern brand that will make The Chippy By Spencer the people of Edinburgh’s’ go to Chippy.

To get a proper feel for the brand the MB team visited the soon to be new home of The Chippy By Spencer, which funnily enough used to be another Chippy, but once walking through the door we realised this wasn’t going to be a quick changing of the frier, the space needed a complete renovation. This first visit also gave the MB team the chance to meet Keith, Spencer’s business partner. Stood in their soon to be new home, they discussed their goal to be a modern ‘Chippy’ where the focus would lie on their use of sustainable produce and exclusive menu
Frozen Fresh
First things first, a logo. We didn’t want the logo to be anywhere along the lines of traditional (this word was banned from design meetings until further notice). The team designed three different brand concepts to present to Spencer and Keith.
Gluten Free
With the logo and brand concept agreed upon it was time to get to work on everything else – the list was extensive. The next step was to move on to creating the signage for the shop, internal menu system, printed menu design, website ordering platform and a social content plan.

Once the initial brand concept had been developed, Spencer and Keith came in to the office and our pitch was put to them. When we create brand concepts, we aim to develop three strong ideas to present to our client, however, we always have our favourite!

So we were delighted when both Spencer and Keith were fully invested and showed the same amount of passion as we had in our original idea! A fish made up of chips! Sometimes it really is the most simple of ideas that work the best, and in the case it worked a charm!
Thechippy Edinburgh
With all the design work signed off and the shop transformation complete (all we will say is WOW what a difference!) it was time to open and finally launch The Chippy By Spencer.

The entire MB Media team really focussed on creating social content to really build excitement among the Chippy lovers of Edinburgh. A guestlist was built and invitees were invited down on launch night for free Fish & Chips. The chippy sauce was flowing, the friers were bubbling and most importantly the customers were absolutely delighted. Comments such as ‘the best fish and chips in Edinburgh’ were thrown about and people’s reactions to the shop and the designs were fantastic too, especially the logo, simple yet effective design.
Parchment Paper Printed
Battered Fish
Thechippy Smoked Sausage
See what all the hype is about for yourselves and grab a portion of Fish & Chips with a difference from The Chippy by Spencer
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