Prana Indian Grill – Launch night

December 20, 2020
Give Your Brand the Launch Night it Deserves with MB Media

Prana Indian Grill is unlike any other Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. Their reimagined menu brings together a rich Indian culture and a proud Scottish heritage to create a unique dining experience in the heart of Corstorphine.

The team at Prana came to us with an idea and tasked us with turning that idea into a reality. We had a concept; we had a location and most important of all we had a goal – to plan a launch night that would leave people wanting more.

What we had in our favour from the get-go is that the food served at Prana is simply delicious. A treat for the senses, their menu takes you on an incredible culinary journey. This matched with the incredible recent renovation of the restaurant gave us the perfect setting for our launch event.

Prana Opening Night

The next thing we took into consideration was a hook, why would people want to come to a launch night in the middle a pandemic (did we forget to mention that this event took place in July 2020), well when we say pandemic, it was at that part when you could still go to restaurants but numbers where limited. Here was born “Price Your Plate”, the concept was simple, you pay what you think your meal is worth. Menus where to be given to guests without any prices and at the end of their meal they would be asked to fill in a feedback form and pay whatever they thought suitable. The team at Prana wanted to make sure that their prices were affordable, fair and reflective of the level of food on offer.

Corstorphine is a very small and tight knit community so it was imperative that we made a strong and positive first impression. The guest-list was full of local residents, we wanted to make sure that it was real Corstorphinites who had the first taste of what Prana has to offer.

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Now one real benefit the team at MB Media can offer our clients is that we have our very own resident DJ, Barrie Wilkins. Our CEO can spin multiple marketing plates as well as tunes and comes with his very own decks; the music for the event was covered.

The launch night arrived, and it went off without a hitch. The cocktails were flowing (the pomegranate fizz is a must) the food was absolutely exquisite, and the service could not have been better. Each table was delighted and intrigued with being able to price their own plate and the feedback given was invaluable. The ‘Price Your Plate’ concept was such a success that the restaurant decided to run the event for a further two weeks!

A successful launch event will cement your brand in the eyes of the local community, it will intrigue potential customers with the idea of the unknown and it will set-up your business for an exciting future.

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