Pilot Beer

Forming a partnership with Pilot was as exhilarating for our team as a new brew is for beer enthusiasts! We were delighted to welcome Pilot to the MB team, and since joining us we’ve developed an extraordinary bond as we’ve embarked on an incredibly engaging journey together. With Pilot’s robust reputation in Edinburgh, particularly in Leith, we capitalised on this and created a structure that would allow the business to go beyond their own comfort zones. We spotlighted the personalities crafting their impeccable beers and amplified the team’s witty banter in their social media campaigns.
Throughout our partnership, the company has seen its online sales soar, achieving some of its biggest sales to date. Our team has worked with Pilot to uniform the brand, creating a strong online presence whilst keeping the cheeky humour their customers love. We’ve worked together on launching new products, developed their email campaigns to drive sales and built up their social media platforms to increase their reach.

We have also identified opportunities for Pilot to collaborate with other brands, which is what we love to see here at MB Media – businesses supporting businesses is what we are all about.

This year could be the biggest yet ;).




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