Prahna Indian Grill has been a distinguished member of our MB Media family since 2020. From the very beginning, Prahna has held a special place in our hearts as we helped flourish the business and weave them into the community’s fabric as seamlessly as their spices blend in their signature dishes.

Arun and Leo’s (the visionaries behind the restaurant) wanted to introduce a refreshing take on Indian cuisine, and we made sure that they had a strategy in place to make that happen – which led us to organising a hugely successful launch event. Today, it’s celebrated as one of Edinburgh’s premier destinations for innovative and authentic Indian cuisine, known for its pioneering menu and vibrant events. If you haven’t yet experienced Prahna, it’s time to discover what you’ve been missing.

It was important that we told the tale of Prahna—a business that was innovative yet rooted in tradition—through every campaign, every menu design, and every social media post. Throughout the years, our partnership has blossomed and we’ve continued to help the restaurant through seasonal campaigns, including their most recent Prahna Chai Voyage—an experience that infused Edinburgh’s canalside with the restaurant’s distinctive flavour, offering customers an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Our content creation wasn’t about filling space; it was about creating space—space for Prahna to grow, for recipes to evolve, and for stories to unfold. We highlighted the sizzle of the grill and the artistry of their chefs, narrating the Prahna experience across digital landscapes, making a name that resonated with the Corstorphine community and beyond.

Together, we’ve seen Prahna become more than a place to eat—it’s become a place to belong.




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