Whisky Row

Our alliance with Whisky Row has been a toast to strategic creativity and dynamic brand storytelling. From the outset, we wanted to take Whisky Row beyond their Leith heritage and showcase it beyond their Jane Street roots.

The partnership started throughout our Hibernian FC connections, as Whisky Row sponsors the back of the shirt and we were assisting with their digital campaigns around their stadium once the LEDs were activated in the stands. Once we showcased our creative flare, Whisky Row soon became part of the MB family portfolio.

With meticulous care, we crafted brand guidelines that served as the compass for all Whisky Row’s creative journeys which we quickly resonated across their social platforms and activations. Producing new imagery for the brand, their identity was quickly established online and people soon began to know who Whisky Row were.

When it came to activations and creative campaigns, we wanted to create experiences and messaging that transported whisky enthusiasts to the cobblestone streets of its historic namesake. Each activation was a new chapter in the Whisky Row journey, inviting connoisseurs and curious newcomers alike to savour a taste of legacy and craftsmanship.

We’ve had a lot of fun with this brand, and you can see that in our results as we ended 2023 with one of their best Christmas sales to date and Whisky Row was flying through their orders to ensure the keen whisky enthusiasts had their stockings filled!

Through our partnership, Whisky Row has seen its identity solidify and its presence magnify. We’ve helped them navigate the evolving digital landscape, ensuring that their brand voice was heard loud and clear, and that their visual identity was unmistakable. From telling their story through their social media, to showcasing their brand through street signage – we’ve helped tell the tale of each of their three blends. Together, we’ve built a brand experience that honours the past, celebrates the present, and is ready to welcome the future with a raised glass and a hearty “Slàinte mhath!”




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