White Horse

In the heart of the city’s old town, White Horse Oyster Bar is a gem that has redefined the seafood dining experience with its blend of classic charm and modern flair. We were delighted to come into partnership with this restaurant, and recently we’ve crafted fresh branding and new website.

Brand development was our starting point, refining the White Horse’s identity into a narrative that resonated with quality of experience provided to their customers.

Our designers were tasked with creating an elegant menu that not only elevated the restaurant’s offerings but also highlighted its status as a destination for premium culinary dining – and we did just that! You’ll now find this design implemented throughout all of the restaurants business materials and their social campaigns.

Our next project for this client, was evolving their website and developing a space where the allure of the White Horse could be translated into clicks and reservations, as well as introducing an effective electronic gift voucher system. We constructed a digital experience that was easy to navigate yet immersive, reflecting the sophistication of the oyster bar. Online, just like in the restaurant, every detail was curated to provide a seamless user journey, from discovering the menu to making a booking.

Our digital marketing strategies were tailored to be as unique as the restaurant itself, sparking conversations with content that resonates and social media campaigns that truly engage.

Our partnership with White Horse Oyster Bar continues to grow, as we strive for a narrative that continues to draw guests into their restaurant. We’ve only just begun to explore the depths of what we can achieve.