Established in 2018 as a one-man band, MB Media has quickly grown in strength, talent and dedication. Now an in-house team of ten, we moved into our new home at 43 Charlotte Square in November 2020 and we’ve not looked back.


This is just the beginning of our journey. We are breaking trends to change the way businesses market their brand.

Charlotte Square Edinburgh

our family

We’re not your traditional business set up and each of us have our own unique story of how we’ve reached this point, but somehow, in someway, together it works! Together, we work!  Together we contribute!  Together we care!  Together, we are MB Media.

FOUNDER & Managing Director


He’s a man with a vision that he’d be delighted to share with you at any given opportunity! Barrie’s passion lies with people. He’ll always go above and beyond to ensure everyone, especially our clients, are well looked after. The darkening bags under his eyes are proof he’s by no means work shy!

creative director


Kirsty was first to join Barrie on this journey and he’s been unable to shake her since. She has a born interest in Art & Design and is naturally creative in her way of thinking, forever seeking out inspiration for her next idea! She’s also our go-to person for proof reading and organisation!

Daz Mbmedia Team
Creative Director


Darren or ‘Dazza’ Smith has been on the design and music scene since some of the team were in nappies! His passion for his craft is infectious and his motivational team talks never fail to lift the office mood.  Daz enjoys a coffee pod on the hour, every hour which surely can’t be good for you..!

Sophie Mbmedia Team
Business Development manager


Aka ‘Sophalicious’ was second in line to join MB after what Barrie describes as “the world’s best interview”! If you’re looking for pun or a witty one-liner Sophie’s your girl. Creative writing and events are where her passions lie. Sophie can always be counted on to remind us she once went to Australia! 

Amy Mbmedia Team 1
Account Manager


After coming in for a chat, Amy left with a contract and was quickly welcomed into the family! With previous experience in the world of marketing and communications, Amy said that in joining MB, she’d “finally landed her dream job”!  Always striving for perfection, this social media queen will have your Insta grids looking fabulous! 

Niamh Mbmedia Team


Niamh is the quietest member of the team. Not one for making the team a cuppa, her favourite quote “It’s not my turn is it?” is something that often finds her in a fair bit of trouble with the old codgers however, she’s always on hand to climb a munroe and of course, to create powerful content to drive our client’s social channels.

Keanna Mbmedia Team
Content Creator


Keanna may be small but has the loudest voice in the office. Having worked in the big smoke marketing brands out in the field, Keanna is no stranger to marketing. A passion for people and willingness to go the extra mile makes her the perfect fit for the content team. Her eye for a good biscuit is also an added bonus.

Charlotte Final
Content Creator


We had to look south of the border for new girl Charlotte. She brings to the team years of digital marketing experience, her own sachets of coffee & our newest furry pal Benji. Her organisational skills are top tier, and she’s always ready and willing to step into any role required within the team. But the question is, does she even understand us? 

Micky Gavin Meettheteam
Content Creator


Micky fi the radio”, is the new boy at MB and at just 21, the youngest member of the team. Actually, that’s a lie! Micky has worked in the radio industry for more than 25 years and is passionate about communication and people. He is also a big coffee lover, but has yet to make us one in the office!He is passionate about content with a quirky and fun twist.

Ryna Meettheteam. Final


Ryan “cool bananas” Linton is our first International signing. Our well travelled South African has over 20+ years design experience (or so it says on his CV) and is always quick to put his arty twist on our client’s brands. We’re yet to discover his musical taste but have him a dead cert for a sing along with Gary Barlow on his first team night out.

Gav Mbmedia Team


As a former chef, Gavin turned his love of photography into a career after years spent in the print industry . His passion for bringing client products to life is highly contagious.  You’ll often find Gavin standing grinning behind his camera whilst capturing content in some very questionable yoga-like positions!

Rudi Mbmedia Team


“Rudi Dug” named after Rudolph as opposed to any infamous Hearts strikers, loves to make the occasional trip into the office.  Described as one of the neediest dogs around, he is one well-pampered pooch who often strolls in with a fully prepped packed lunch. He’s the cuddliest member of our team and much loved by all!